Market Challenge

As per the recent study, almost 70-75% of Indian EV retailer’s do not have a national spread of Service Centre's for providing proper servicing of their Electrical Vehicles, due to which Consumer confidence is low in such Vehicles.


95% of current market are providing Chinese electrical two / three wheelers, which have significant quality issue due to India Road conditions.

Lack of
Servicing parts

Large and medium players to ensure low cost are ending up with low Inventory of Servicable parts due to which Servicing of EV suffer.

In adequate
Servicing Partners

As Electrical Vehicle 2 / 3 Wheelers have limited range it requires larger EV repair and maintenance network, which is non available in India.

Non Availability of
Retrofitting Specialist

Two wheeler and three wheeler retrofitting technology is now available in India, but lacks specialist for implementation on field.



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