Need of e vehicle services and market size

With the growth of EV’s due to pressure of climate change and our own interest to save our planet, the requirement for providing its service and maintenance is also bound to go in double digits. With 21 million units projected sales it’s a huge untapped market.

Vehicle Chassis Body and Structure

From a China supplied Vehicle Chassis to Indian manufactured and Indian serviced Chassis and Vehicle body.


All efficient EV's require efficient breaking mechanism for ensuring safe ride of such vehicles. Brakes come in Disk break and Break shoe/drum configuration.


A Suspension within a two wheeler and a three wheeler is a critical mechanism within the vehicle for its ability to provide a smooth ride and support to the vehicle.

Electric Moter

An electric motor is the heart of an EV providing the requisite motion to drive It. Available in configuration of BLDC or AC induction motor.

Power Transmission

The power transmission component transfers the motion from motor to wheels, hence need to be well machined and properly mounted.


Wheels are the most import and oldest part ever discovered by human kind in a moving vehicle. It’s a circular component and need to have perfect round circle to drive the vehicle.

Electrical Harness

Electrical harness are the nervous system of any EV, and carries electricity accross the EV for its functioning. Good wires are essential for efficient EV.


Batteries are the most important part of any Electric Vehicle. though the system is of WW 2 vintage, new tech is changing it from lead acid to lithium based chemistry.



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