Become Our Franchise

We have the world’s most unique franchising in the following manner

  1. Whilst all brands use Franchisee as a channel to expand their Sales and Marketing network, We are probably the first company which is stating that it's the Principal who's job is to create the brand and bring the business you as a channel partner are required only to focus of proper servicing of these Vehicles.
  2. Just maintain our Standards and we will provide you more and more of business
  3. Who should ideally look to engage in this business
    • A Small time or First time entrepreneurs who are new to this field but have adequate knowledge of this field
    • Existing EV sellers or electrical device dealers or cycle dealers who have robust knowledge of the Electrical vehicles and would like to extend initially as their side business
  4. What Does eOxigen bring on board
  5. We are seeking channel partner only in the following Cities:
    • Jaipur
    • Ahmedabad
    • Pune (Booked)
    • Bangaluru
    • Hyderabad
    • Chennai
    • Chandigarh
    • Ludhiyana (and many more...)
  6. Investment layout to you existing office or Shop

    Investments Amount
    One time franchisee Fee (plus GST 18%)

    Franchisee Fee 35000/-

    GST 18% 6300/-

    TOTAL 41300/-

    Ability to engage a Service engineer Salary range between 8000/- to 14000
    Electrical kit and basic equipment Range 10000/-

    Pay back Revenue

    Revenue Model Item description Amount
    Monthly minimum amount of 10 Vehicles payable @ 1200/- per vehicle per month Monthly maintenance of 600/- to 1200/ - X 10 vehicles per city location 12000/- per month for entire agreement period, subject to Proper maintenance by Franchisee, and customer satisfaction.


    Every incremental vehicle will gain 1200/-

    ABC x 1200/- (say 30 Vehicles over three months) 36000/-
    Disruptive maintenance Service and Repairs payable on actuals Actual pay outs
  7. Francisee will recover his cost invested in company within first three months if he executes the servicing with his own self
  8. Additional Sales of actual repairs parts procured from Franchisee and labour charges on actuals. Its a plus Plus Model of engagement ++ which reflects in sheer terms of revenue and live engagement in most exciting field of E commerce logistics.