With an intention to extend practical and live industrial training on electrical vehicles from a point of understanding, manufacturing and service as well as maintenance of Electrical Vehicles:

eOxigen Automotive Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with DIY Guru, Green Valley Energy Pvt Ltd. and Mobility Alliance for Sustainability Foundation is providing the Following Training:

25Th February 2021 to 2Nd March 2021

INR 10,000/- (taxes extra) Discount is available on booking on DIY Guru Website:

Training Components:

Day 1:

Introductions (Faculty and Students) and a brief outline of the workshop along with the introduction to L5 Commercial Vehicles. The second half, Physical inspection of the vehicle along with its parts.

Day 2:

A complete introduction to wire harness electricals and connectivity of the powertrain. The second half, physical demonstration of the wire harness of an L5 EV as well as a High-speed two-wheeler.

Day 3:

Complete mechanical parts of a heavy L5 EV, along with movable parts possible wear and tear points. (Includes brakes, hydraulics, wheel’s Power transmission drive), Handle Tires etc. The second half, physical demonstration as well as hands-on of the Physical parts and components.

Day 4:

Battery configuration of the vehicle (60 Volt and 72 volts) batteries both legacy as well as LFP battery. How to check the health of the battery procedures to find anomalies, risk of leaking electricity, points of leakages etc. Basic building blocks of LFP battery (Cells, BMS and process of Tick welding) along with a demonstration of such battery packs. The second half, an actual demo of Tick welding and development of a module of the battery pack.

Day 5:

Actual welding denting and painting of components or parts of the vehicle (post wear and tear) (the first half is a demo). The second half is an examination for hands-on of such skill (basic knowledge will be imparted) students can convey if he/she wants to participate in this exercise. Those passing this exercise will be given exposure to actual Internship.

Day 6:

Internship Examination: It will involve examination (physically) of any one of the above-mentioned skills, this is a team approach and we shall allocate teams of 4 or 5 members each. A full vehicle shall be handed over (In damaged condition) to the members, where students need to showcase the entire skill of how to approach and rectify mistakes. (NOTE: some of the activities may possibly go beyond the time frame of this day, and we are open to give/ share the facility beyond Day 6.

Day 7:

FINAL Results of the Practical Examination will be shared on Day 7, and students/ participants clearing the examination will be given the immediate opportunity of getting deployed on the task of Internship.