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Born of Electric Mobility

Born of Electric Mobility

Within the Unprecedented change that we have seen in the past two centuries, we are developing at a pace and consuming non-replenish-able resources at a pace that are going to finish by some specified time frame, its high time that we change the direction of our frenetic activity of growth and become more conscious in our efforts of optimum usage of such resources from the earth.

ev charging

Sujoy Chourasia, an entrepreneur based out of Delhi and Kunal Zutshi a satellite communication RF specialist based out of Noida had been searching for such technologies and had met in a common class for Drones technology and Robotics in a Noida based institute. Both were interested to do a business within their limited resource and come out with solutions for our planet.

After trying and testing few businesses they ultimately came to the conclusion that Electric Vehicle industry may be the solution for such an approach for protecting environmental change.

Sujoy was engaging with EV parts and components trading in the EV industry in parts electrical harnesses and with Sujoy Chourasia has an active participation in Indian EV Homologation as a consultant, both identified last mile servicing as one of the most important missing link of the Electrical Vehicle industry which was hindering quicker and smarter adoption of Ev’s by large scale and retail consumers. We are a Delhi based start up and owing to the high pollution challenge of North India, We started with the Idea of Green tech technology of utilising Electrical Vehicles to help reduce Pollution.

ev charging
ev charging

A quick survey of the EV two wheeler and Three wheeler market showed an acute discrepancy in availability of Service points for Electrical Two / Three wheelers, (along with a huge Gap in charging infrastructure / battery swapping infrastructure)

There is a significant gap in understanding the Customer requirement for servicing of the Electric vehicle, and Indian urban market as well as Rural market have a different perception of the EV industry altogether. A single point being missed was that India is already a significantly large market for EV commercial three wheelers popularly called as E Rickshaw.