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Onsite Training on EVs and Entrepreneurial Business in Surat Schedule: Sept 15-17

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25 hours

eOxigen Automotive Pvt Ltd, after successfully completing the training sessions in Gurugram, Pune, Chennai, and Noida, is now coming to Surat, Gujarat on September 15 with “Entrepreneurial Training in Electric Vehicle Technology“. It will be conducted over three days, 15-17 September, 2021 with onsite training.

Participants will be introduced with the electric vehicles, namely SPOCK, TUFF, Eagle, and a RETROFITTED bike Honda Shine. Here, Retrofitting means addition of new technologies or features to older ones, likewise we did with the Honda Shine where its IC Engine parts has been replaced by electric components i.e., Motor, Controller, Battery, etc. which makes it an electric vehicle.

Participants will gain the in-depth knowledge by our trainers about all the components which are necessary to make an electric vehicle, for instance, Motor (where you get to know about its different types, working principle, their mechanism motion, etc.), Controller (which is considered as the brain as all the input-output will be driven from there itself), Wire Harness (i.e., connection of wires from the battery to the lights together), Battery Management System BMS (where you learn about how batteries and cells are manufactured around India and outside, mechanics like balancing, charging-discharging, spot welding, soldering, packaging etc.), and you will be provided with the information regarding the transition change of previously used Lead-Acid batteries to Lithium-Ion batteries and, in coming future, what will be the other alternatives.

You will see the live dismantling of one of our Electric Vehicle and would be briefly explained the components like motor, controller, battery in which way they have been installed, about the design of the vehicle like chassis part, you will see and may do the assembly of vehicles by yourself which eventually gives you a hands-on experience.

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