India is a very large country abd houses 23 % of the world population, it is Democratic and has a typical Elephantine style of moving and taking directions , how ever once the direction is set it moves as a nation in a very fast pace .

We have seen previous decades that we can beat even China in growth numbers, can we do the same in the new and fancy electrical vehicle space . The world and the present Gen Next , the Millenium generation is damn serious about the entire approach to pollution and it’s reduction, as Earth is the only home that we know of and can live comfortably. EVs probably address some part of ” save the planet from pollution story”

India has of late seen a bevy of Electrical Vehicle Companies both in ev space as well as OEMs and start ups both contributing to this segment and gradually this stream of business is fast developing into a torrent.

Out present business model is extremely skewed in favour of China the giant in the feild of EVs space and it clearly dominates the feild of EVs and has a large eco system which is the largest and only eco system in world. Though india has a large supply chain of ICE vehicles in the world , we have the largest two wheeler company of the world ie Hero Motocorp (by sales and value) and it’s a home grown company. It has some of the most sleek designs and ine of the largest market share, these are very efficiently designed vehicles selling not only in India but in large numbers in export market also. We also have Bajaj and icon of Indian scooter market and a challenger brand in motorcycle space too, we also have the TVSE group in ICE two wheelers space .

In India we have a unique eco system where vehicles have a life of atkeast 15 years (the max allowed by govt.) Tough we still retain Bajaj scooters which are nearly 40 year old and still working.

The consumers expect a min life cycle of 5 years or atleast 80000 kms. The imported chinese variants do not last more than 30 months or a max life of 30000 kms. This is a significant cultural mismatch between Indian consumer expectation and what is being fed to them. Unfortunately even the largest brand doesn’t have a proper Strategy to address this huge gap of servicing which probably only India is In a position to address world wide, but isn’t thinking that way or probably any company hasent rolled out this on feild.

ARE WE I DAINS EXPECTED TO THROW AWAY THE ELECTRICAL VEHICLES AFTER 36 MONTHS, especially as serviceability of CHINESE EVs is a major challenge BEYOND 36 months.

eOxigen Automotive Pvt Ltd our Delhi based startup firm in the feild of EV eci system development , technology aggregation and sales platform, servicing , repairs and maintenance, is bringing a completely different and new thought process of a highly collaborative approach fir development of this eco system.

eO2 (acronym for eOxigen Automotive Pvt Ltd) does it with planning for a very large engagement if training and converting existing ICE mechanics to Electrical Vehicle Mechanics, who can help repair , retrofit Service and maintain two wheelers in a brand agonistic way (it can be EVs from any company and any brand), and provide the supply chain of standard parts and components for EVs servicing ).

eO2 engages with an ” Micro financing ” concept heavily focused on digital Medium fir Outreach and engagement but large on ground physical deliverables of servicing . eO2 already has a presence in the following cities
1. Delhi ncr
2. Lucknow
3. Bhubaneshwar
4. Bhutan
5. Bharuch &
6. Surat
7. Pune
8. Nagpur and Chandrapur

It’s a nascent channel still under active development with training and Marketing support.

eO2 is committed to train 12000 mechanics in the next 12 months in ev feild, and bring the supply chain access directly to the mechanics for Servicing, Maintenance , Repairs and Retrofits.

We will bring an genuinely Indian EV, completely india in Mechanics, and partially indian in electronics and battery space along with Concept stores being planned in Delhi and Bangaluru to show case Serviceability and longitivity of Indian Engineer and Indian EVs . Long live Indian dream of Manufacturing.

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