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Why Electric Vehicles

The key feature that distinguishes EVs in the automobile sector is their environmental friendliness. However, there are also more aspects that are just too crucial to overlook.

The Environment Comes First

Electric scooters have the potential to significantly reduce air pollution in Indian cities. Even though they make little or no noise, these cars assist to reduce noise pollution.

A Significant Savings

As the Indian government pushes for more use of EVs, several incentives and tax breaks are being provided to entice more purchasers.

Reduced Operating Costs

It is believed that utilising EVs saves between 75 and 80 percent on gasoline costs. EVs have 75 percent less moveable parts than traditional scooters, resulting in a substantially lower maintenance price.

Deficit in BoP

India bought crude oil of 120 billion dollars in 2019-20 alone. This BoP (Balance of Payment) may be greatly decreased by utilising EVs.